Important Notice:

NextFilm has been going strong for over 5 years. In that time we have grown considerably in visitors, registered users, followers, pageviews and all other interesting metrics. And some of the dull ones too come to that. Unfortunately all of this was made possible by a data feed that was provided free for personal / non-commercial user. Sadly this will not be the case for much longer as the free service is being revoked.

As a result, in order to survive & avoid complete closure, will shortly be forced to display adverts for the first time.

The site has been run out of pocket for the love of doing it since we started. It is with a very heavy heart that, being forced to choose between closing for good or introducing ads, we have to opt for the lesser of two weevils. The only thing worse would be posting a so long and thanks for all the fish message.

There are some other notable differences to our service; we no longer have data for the Premieres listing page and we have had to reduce output from 10 to 7 days worth of listings. On the plus side, we have been able to add multiple new channels to our lineup with even more coming soon. So thats nice.

Massive thanks to all our members and visitors who've made running the site a truly worthwhile and enjoyable project and drive us to persevere in keeping the site alive and kicking. Apologies to all of you for these unavoidable changes.

Addition - 21/07/16

There is a request from prior users of our Premiere listings to YouView asking that they look into adding functionality to their service to allow users to filter by 'Premieres' when browsing films available. If you're a YouView user and would like to see this option, you can add your voice here:

In the meantime, for all users, there is a long running forum thread on Digital Spy where users collaborate to find and post upcoming premieres. As a resource we think you'll find it handy and if you can actively participate and add to the debate that would be enormously appreciated. You can find that here: