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2/10 Stars
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"First one, then another, and another. Who or WHAT is responsible?"

  • Director: Bob Emenegger, Allan Sandler
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy,
  • Studio: Sandler/Emenegger Productions
  • Duration: 110 Mins

Cheap science fiction gets scraped from the bottom of a very deep barrel in this unwatchable feature. Inhabitants of the planet Zeta are being found dead in the tinsel-and-plastic universe of 2002. Astronauts Gordon Devol and Jacqueline Ray discover the murders are caused by a blood-drinking rock creature. Even TV's Lost in Space didn't look this bad or showcase such lousy acting and not-so-special effects.
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Cast List:
Gordon Devol
Jacqueline Ray
James A Watson Jr
Jackson Bostwick

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