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"His only weapon is his will to survive."


  • Director: John Moore
  • Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Special Interest,
  • Studio: Davis Entertainment
  • Subtitled | Widescreen | Duration: 120 Mins

Owen Wilson takes a break from his more usual comedy roles here, playing a naval reconnaissance pilot who's shot down over Bosnia after inadvertently filming evidence of war crimes. Gene Hackman is the maverick admiral who battles Nato caution to find his flyboy before the pursuing Serbs get their hands on him. Former commercials director John Moore proves a dab hand at the action stuff - the sequence where Wilson is shot down is thrilling, edge-of-the-seat cinema - but, pyrotechnics aside, the rest of film is less enthralling and comprises Wilson running, stopping, getting shot at, and then running again. This is hardly surprising with such a dull script and characters. Hackman's bad-tempered naval commander in particular is so two-dimensional, he'd disappear if he turned sideways. A shame really because, if the rest of Behind Enemy Lines matched up to the action scenes, we'd be talking four-star material here.
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Cast List:
Lieutenant Chris Burnett : Owen Wilson
Reigart : Gene Hackman
Stackhouse : Gabriel Macht
Rodway : Charles Malik Whitfield
Piquet : Joaquim de Almeida
O'Malley : David Keith
Lokar : Olek Krupa
Tracker : Vladimir Mashkov
Bazda : Marko Igonda

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